Have you wondered how to install mod or skins on 9.0 version of WoT? If you have and you do not want to install them, then World of Tanks Skins and Mods Installer is a tool for you. If you know how to drag&drop then you will know how to use this tool.

Now you do not need to create folders, copy backup files, rename folders because this is the easiest way of installing WoT skins and mods there is. Althrough you do not need guidelines for using this program, you can continue reading this text…

All you have to do is to:

    1. Run the program

click the wot skin installer

    2. Drag&Drop the skin (.dds file) or mod over programs window

    3. Skin or mod is now installed

Simple as that 🙂

Download skin for FREE

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61 Responses so far.

  1. lol4lee says:

    It Says: “WoT is not installed” when I drag a skin. I have not installed the game but made a copy from a friend.

  2. Fadenkreuz says:

    Good Work, the Installation of new Skins could not be easier …

  3. Typharius says:

    Maybe I messed up something in this simple process. I ran winrar, dragged files in, it says that it installed but when get in game, I see nothing being changed.

  4. Typharius says:

    nvm. finally got it working. stupid me did not extract the file first.

  5. John says:

    I drag over the WoT_hitbox_skins_074.rar file but it will not install ! please help !!!! 🙁

  6. burak says:

    i have wot in my pc but that installer says’game is not installed’ i think its cuz of destination folders place, where should it be ?

    • admin says:

      Most likely you didn’t install WoT properly, because WoT Installer find’s the destination directory from Windows registry. Have you installed WoT properly?

  7. TheFaceOff says:

    It works but lets say I want to download a mod with police sirens on top, it does not show police sirens, only the skin. Otherwise its great.

  8. milasinovic says:

    working with 7.5 ?

  9. TheFaceOff says:

    How come it does not change the tank but it only changes the color? can the admin please reply?

    • Kimmo says:

      It’s a mod made to change the colour of the tanks.
      To teach the user where to shoot at on enemy tanks: weakspots, ammo, fuel and so on.

  10. Arctinio Cabaça says:

    Just to say, thanks guys, easy and usefull tool to use.

    Keep the good work.

  11. Bluehawk says:

    How to remove all installed skins back to default WoT ?

  12. Hendra Chia says:

    Nice.. Its working. Great job. Thanks bro

  13. Joe Camell says:

    i start to drag a file and it says drop now so i do then nothing happens i tried to download the .NET 4.0 thing but i click download and nothing happens i have been trying to install skins on my tanks for months now and cant get it to work thought this would be the way that i finally got them but of course no…

  14. Patap says:

    My Norton antivirus reports virus file. Think why?

  15. Hadur says:

    it works, no problem, and even with the camo from wot game it looks even interesting!

  16. Magnum5 says:

    I love it this makes my life easier

  17. Pleasrrrr says:

    i tried dragging the entire World of tanks folder into the box. it tells me a “unknown error”.

    Pls help! im using a Windows 7.

  18. michaô says:

    I have written, I wot skins and moduler instaler

  19. michaô says:

    how much should I wait?

  20. Evil says:

    I’ve downloaded the “dotNetFx40_Full_setup” and “WoT Skins and Mods Installer” they both installed fine. I go to drag the files over and it tells me that WoT is not installed, however it is installed. I tried the link above “Try downloading and installing .NET 4.0 from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851 that should fix it” but it did not fix the issue. WoT is installed on my “G” drive and my boot drive is “C” does this matter for this to work properly? I’ve tried to re-install WoT and I still have this issue. I run Win7 x64.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the feedback, we are working on investigating this problem…

      • Jay says:

        The program is most likely assuming that WOT is installed in the default directory. Just make it so that the user can input a string telling the program the default if WOT cannot be found.

        • admin says:

          Actually, program pulls path from windows registry, but some players report this error also. We will need to find workaround for this…

  21. micha says:

    I have since yesterday I still zanuty tebn program and still I did not write skins instaled

  22. micha says:

    Why tell me what to do?

  23. Please says:

    just tell step by step please i dont know anything

  24. Ryan says:

    When i go to download it,it says “Windows cannot find ‘C:Users_____DownloadsWoT Skins and Mods Installer.exe’.Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then tray again.

  25. cueball30 says:

    i download and installed the skin and mod installer i want to get the patton metal gear skin and how can i download it i tryed draging the pic into the world of tanks skin and mod install it has i neeed the dds file orniganl i am lost what do i do

  26. cvbds says:

    Thanks alot mate works like a charm.

  27. cvbds says:

    For those who do not know how to use it..You must first extract the file with winrar(not open,extract by right-clicking and choose extract to xxxxxx/}, then drag the file into the installer and restart the game(if it was already open)

  28. tomi.invites@gmail.com says:

    It is a working hitbox for the new update???

  29. W2ROB2 says:

    how exactly to I install a skin. from its unzipped file format?

  30. W2ROB2 says:

    I have a mod installed how do I uninstall it?

  31. W2ROB2 says:

    please can someone help me with this problem http://wotmodsdl.com/usa/m18-hellcat-remodeling-wot-8-4-2.html

  32. SF_A2_Miki says:

    I have a problem with the installation of the program. When I installed the program and then run it, I get an error message.
    Which reads:
    WorldOfTanks.exe not found.You have to Specify a folder where WoT is installed.
    Restart the program and try again.

    I have WoT not installed on my main hard drive but on an external hard drive.

    ps: I have the program installed in the Wot folder on the external hard drive.

  33. Simon says:

    i drag and dropped the file and it said skin installed. logged back into WoT my skin did not show on my tanks. why?

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